Monday, August 23, 2010

You may not be able to help it....

That is what my doctor told me last week. It was in reference to my blood pressure being high (not horribly but high enough) over the last year. He is putting me on an ace-inhibitor blood pressure medicine. He said it could be genetics or it could just be a fact and that I may not be able to help it. I have a VERY laid-back doctor who never pressures me at all. He is an endocrinologist and his first concern is my diabetes. As long as my diabetes is being controlled and my a1c is normal then he is not worried about my weight. He said he would rather me be consistent than fluctuate between loss and gain. WHAT?!?! Have we met? You can't tell me that. You can't tell me to keep doing what I have been doing. You are supposed to tell me to lose 50lbs or cut out salt entirely or cut out carbs. Don't encourage my behavior!

But, really, is it Dr. A's responsibility to hold my hand and tell me exactly what I need to do? No. His goal is to help me maintain my diabetes and any other factors that can affect my blood pressure.

Over the weekend, I read the newest issue of All You magazine. I actually bought it becuase it said "Over $65 in coupons" and I'm attempting to become a coupon freak like my friends. But, there was a very interesting article about weight loss. It has a list of maybe 5-10 things that can be controlled and even iradicated simply by being healthy. Two of those items were Blood Sugar control and Blood Pressure. This article stated that simply by getting on a treadmill (or just walking) for 15-20 minutes a day for 5 days you can lower your blood pressure in as little as three weeks (combined with healthy eating). WHAT? Why didn't Dr. A tell me this. is my body not his. He did his job by providing me with the medications I need to control my existing conditions. Any further work will be on me. Hey - I can do this! I have a treadmill. I usually waste more than 20 minutes in an evening anyway. DUH! Simple, right?

For some people, taking a pill is a good alternative for diet and exercise. I ABSOLUTELY hate taking pills. I take four pills on a daily basis - birth control, two types of pills for my diabetes, and now a pill for my blood pressure. The way I see it, by dieting, exercising, and taking care my body, I can easily remove three of those pills (the birth control is sort of not an option :-) ).

I must get back on the wagon. Its not just to fit into those cute jeans at Old Navy or that tiny top at JCPenney...this is my health. This is my future.

This week -
JOURNAL MY FOOD!! I have a hard time with this for some reason!
GET ON THE TREADMILL EVERYDAY! This should not be hard!
DRINK MY WATER!! Again, this should not be a challenge but I make it one.

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